How Does It Work?

Custom Portraits

I offer Custom Portraits in a variety of options and sizes, with the House Portraits being the most popular. Both Color and Black & White are available. I no longer offer a Digital Only option.

I always draw the portraits in their best light. I do not include trash cans, For Sales signs, or vehicles unless requested. Landscape will be rendered in a Spring/Summer tone with green grass unless an Autumn or Winter theme is requested.

I do not typically quote each home individually, you simply purchase the generic listings in the shop and provide your photos and notes in an Etsy message upon purchase. Please read each listing carefully before purchasing.


Wedding venue portraits can be purchased through the same Custom House Portrait listing. I also offer guest books as a notebook, as well as wall art. If you are interested in illustration of your bouquet or wedding cake, just send me a message to chat!

Custom Maps

Map pricing is based on number of buildings and size of the overall drawing. You can select 1-10 buildings or 10+, and then choose from a variety of sizes.

When you purchase the generic listing in the shop, you will need to provide photos of each building or landmark, as well as notes on the layout. Providing the address(es) or a Google Maps link works well for this. I will fill in with trees, flowers, etc.

I will provide a photo of a rough pencil sketch to be sure the layout is correct before moving forward, with another progress photo before sending out. Please note, maps require more time than single portraits, so plan ahead as lead times can vary.


I have a variety of ready to ship prints in the shop.

Fresh Ideas

If you have an idea or request that you do not see listed, please don't hesitate to contact me! I love doing cityscapes, interiors, florals, and even food! Let's work together to create something fresh and fun.