Essential Oils


You'll want to select Member and then click continue to select the starter kit you want to begin your journey with. Becoming a member simply means you will be able to purchase at the wholesale price and you will have access to all of the great facebook member communities. It does not mean you have to order monthly (although you can enroll in Essential Rewards at any time!) and it does not mean you have to join the business side of Young Living (although you can do that at any time too!).

Why I Started Using Young Living Essential Oils

Our use of Essential Oils has continued to grow over the past year as we search for cleaner and safer products for our home. After getting pregnant with our second daughter was when I really decided to start ditching and switching my products. I had trouble sleeping, felt incredibly emotional, and had terrible skin (so unbelievably frustrating). I had dabbled in oils before for our laundry, but knew they could play a bigger role. I decided to order my essential oil starter kit with Young Living and start navigating my way through using them.

I tend to be on the skeptical side when it comes to "game changing" products, and I am very cautious about what I put on my skin, let alone my children's skin, but the amazing communities available online through our team have held my hand through every question.

I am still very much a believer in modern medicine, vaccines, and Tylenol... This is not a substitute for that. I look at them more like an extra tool in our household arsenal. I love to use Lavender to help us sleep, Frankincense to clear my skin, and all the citrus oils to freshen the air. 

You can see what I'm up to on Instagram here at galla.essentials